About us

AGORA – translatable as marketplace, was an essential part of Athens in ancient Greece and acted as a marketplace and a forum to its citizens.

AGORACOM is the Web 2.0 online marketplace and forum for citizens of the small-cap investment community. Public companies, shareholders and prospective shareholders amalgamate for the purposes of communicating in a monitored and secure environment free of trolling, profanity, bashing, spam and general nonsense that have plagued finance communities for far too long.

More than just lip service, AGORACOM averages

  • 5.2 Million Visits Per Year
  • 55 Million Page Views Per Year
  • Has Provided Online Investor Relations and Marketing To Over 300 Small Cap Companies

How do we do it?

1. We choose quality over quantity

The downfall of every online media community has been the sacrifice of quality in order to achieve quantity. More page views equals more money. Ask Twitter had that philosophy is working out for them.

We created a different business philosophy by choosing quality over quantity. We believed that focusing on high quality users and content would bring forth millions of investors that had otherwise given up on trying to find a finance home.

Many called us crazy. They told us it wouldn’t work without all the crazies. We proved them wrong.

2. We keep it clean to help public companies meet real investors

A philosophy of Quality over Quantity doesn’t work, if you don’t back it up with a real system.

AGORACOM has implemented a three-step monitoring system comprised of scanning technology, activity algorithms and the first ever user reputation system that gives over 2,500 super users of AGORACOM the exact same moderating abilities as our own staff. We combine all of that with our very simple but strict 6 Rules of Use.

As a result, we deliver custom investor relations communities that connect management with shareholders in a clean, smart, constructive environment. If you believe we can help your company, click here to speak with us.

3. We think outside the box to help smart investors get together

Shockingly, we discovered that not every small cap company was ready to be a client of AGORACOM today. So we had to come up with a solution for shareholders of non-clients to build and maintain communities for them to amalgamate and communicate. The result was the launch of "Investor Controlled Stock Discussion Forums" which provide social media influencers with an ability to set up and self-monitor discussion forums for the companies they love.

It has been a big hit for investors and a big hit for AGORACOM clients that are now exposed to an even larger audience. If this appeals to you, click here to Request A HUB now and be live within 24 hours.

4. Conclusion

We believe in small cap entrepreneurs and investors. They need each other to grow and prosper. Our job is to amalgamate them as easily and smartly as possible.


An online marketplace and forum for small-cap citizens.

The ancient Greeks would have been proud.