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How To Customize Our Home Page With Your News
The most powerful tool ever introduced to online finance. Our front page is now YOUR front page. Populate it with company news, members and threads that are customized and important to you! This is especially true when surfing AGORACOM on the fly from your smartphone and you dont have time to hop from HUB to HUB to find out whats new. Finance efficiency at its finest!
How HUBS Work
Coming Soon.
How To Post, Reply To And Share Messages
Messages posted in our discussion forums are the engine that drive AGORACOM. Replying to and sharing those messages is what brings them to life. Watch this video to learn all about it.
How To Rate Members and Check Your Ranking
AGORACOM is the cleanest finance community in the world because of our powerful army of member moderators. To maintain our troll, spam and profanity free environment, all we need you to do is rate fellow members to help our algorithms appoint super user moderators ... one of them might even be you!
AGORACOM is one of North America's largest outsourced Investor Relations and Advertising firms for small cap companies. We have represented over 300 small cap companies across all industries including but not limited to technology, resources, cannabis, medical, renewable energy, oil & gas, 3D printing, esports and many more. Our clients trade on all exchanges including the NYSE and NASDAQ but we primarily focus on the TSX, TSX-V, CSE and OTCQB. The following is just a sample of the success stories that our clients have experienced over the years.