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PropTech is a real estate revolution. Universal PropTech is a diversified investment platform delivering healthy building solutions and services for building developers, owners and operators in Canada.





As the name implies “PropTech” is a combination of two words and stands for “property technology.”  As simple as that is, the implementation and importance of PropTech is anything but. 

Like every other industry on the planet that is incorporating technology to create greater efficiencies and experiences, the commercial real estate market is no different and is seeing the rapid adoption of;

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Internet of Things (IoT Sensors)
  • Cloud computing

To create cost savings by reducing and even eliminating existing costs, create greater efficiencies for the operation and maintenance of real estate assets, as well as, improve the design of new builds.




The COVID-19 pandemic has served to significantly increased the demand for PropTech in the commercial real estate market as follows:

  • The need for solutions to get workers back into workplace buildings and offices. Specifically, the need to identify bacteria and viruses in indoor air quality, as well as, the ability to sanitize immediately and effectively.
  • The need to create even greater cost savings and efficiencies for real estate owners that will continue suffering losses until workers significantly return to the workplace.


Whereas many companies are just now trying to capitalize on the opportunities presented in the current and massive future of PropTech, Universal PropTech Inc. (“UPI”) a diversified investment platform delivering healthy building solutions and services for building developers, owners and operators in Canada.  More than just lip service, UPI has been successfully delivering its PropTech solutions for years, with revenues over the last 3 years as follows:

2018 - $12.7M

2019 - $12.7M

2020 - $9.9M

Headquartered in Toronto, UPI has offices across Canada including Halifax,Montreal, and Ottawa. 


  • Used in Federal Government facilities for over 40 years
  • Provides real estate managers turnkey HVAC Building Controls design, equipment, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance services for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Multi-residential customers
  • Already possesses under-utilized IP in building controls to add in additional monitoring inputs and equipment controls
  • Diverse revenue streams via products, installations and ongoing
  • Key strategic partnerships afford the ability to monitor real-time utility meters, key BAS and systems data in a building.
  • Team has the capability to make sense of this data and apply advanced web tools to make recommendations to fine tune a building, saving from 5% to 15% of a facilities energy spend without capital expenditure




As businesses return to the office, property managers must think about the design and safety of their buildings for occupants. Traditional cleaning methods are ineffective at preventing transmission. UV technology is able to sanitize all surfaces free from pathogens. UPI is capitalizing on this opportunity by building and acquiring UV technology as it is the best in the market to administer and integrate it into healthy buildings in Canada.






COVID-19 Opportunity:  Air & Surface Disinfection Technology 

Pandemic response has created the need to identify bacteria and viruses in indoor air quality, and disinfect immediately and effectively.

Traditional cleaning methods are ineffective at preventing transmission of COVID-19, which occurs through contact with infected surfaces.

Building cleaning staff aren’t able to wipe down entire surfaces but UV technology and ionization is able to disinfect  air and surfaces free from pathogens. 

UPI is building and acquiring this technology as it is the best in the market to administer and integrate it into healthy buildings. 

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Management & Directors

  • Chris Hazelton

    President, CEO and Director

    Mr. Hazelton is an experienced finance professional with more than 20 years of operational and advisory experience in various capacities and industries. Mr. Hazelton continuously offers his expertise to publicly listed and private companies in Canada and the United States. Previously, Mr. Hazelton has held a number of senior finance roles, including but not limited to Vice President for Cavalry Corporate Solutions Ltd., Chief Executive Officer and Director at Canada Pacific Capital Corp., Chief Financial Officer for Lineage Grow Co. Ltd. (now Harborside Inc.) and Chief Financial Officer & Director at Sagittarius Capital Corp. Mr. Hazelton is also on the board of Psyched Wellness. Mr. Hazelton is a Chartered Professional Account.

  • Frank Carnevale

    Chief Growth Officer

    Mr. Carnevale is an award-winning CxO, industry thought leader, and has originated over $2.5 billion in energy transactions in regulated and unregulated energy service companies. He leads investments, acquisitions and organic growth for Universal PropTech Inc. and its investments.

    He served as an Executive Board Member of the Energy Council of Canada, Board Member of the Council for Clean & Reliable Electricity, and the Ontario Energy Association.

  • Adam Szweras


    Mr. Szweras is a securities law partner with Fogler, Rubinoff LLP in Toronto and Chairman of the Foundation Markets, a Toronto Merchant Bank and Exempt Market Dealer. His law and banking practices focus on financings and going public transactions. Adam represents several mid-market public companies and assists companies in listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Toronto Venture Exchange. He also represents brokerage firms as legal counsel and has helped numerous clients with their M&A and cross border transactions. Adam has a particular expertise with the Capital Pool Company program.

  • Robert Daniels


    Mr. Daniels is a long-time creator and developer of new business ventures and initiatives in the real estate and sustainability fields. With a career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Daniels has been involved in substantial multi-million-dollar ventures in real estate and land development, commercial property investment and renewable power totalling over $1.4 B. As an industry leader, he became one of the first large-scale builders of super energy efficient homes in Canada and one of the first independent full-scale retailers of environmentally responsible products.

    Mr. Daniels is a former board member of the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association, the Urban Development institute and numerous private companies and charitable organizations in Ontario. He is a graduate of The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Climate Reality Leader, he holds a certification in ISO-14064-3: GHG Validation and Verification from the University of Toronto.

    Mr. Daniels will support the Company's efforts in investments and acquisitions of PropTech companies together with overall business development knowledge of commercial, institutional and multi-residential asset owners and managers.

  • Al Quong


    Mr. Quong is an experienced finance professional, with more than 25 years of operational and advisory experience in various capacities and industries. Mr. Quong is currently Chief Financial Officer for the Fovere Group of Companies, a boutique private equity firm which specializes in investments and financing within the real estate, natural & organic food and renewable energy sectors. Previously, Mr. Quong has held a number of senior finance roles, including but not limited to Chief Financial Officer for early stage cannabis public companies Nutritional High International Inc., and The Tinley Beverage Company Inc., and Assurance Senior Manager at KPMG Calgary. Mr. Quong is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant (Illinois).

  • Daniel Cohen


    Mr. Cohen is currently Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Pharmadrug Inc., a CSE listed company focused on the medical cannabis market in Europe. Prior to joining Pharmadrug, Daniel gathered almost 20 years of Canadian capital markets experience. He spent six years at Beacon Securities where he was Head of Equity Sales. Prior to that, Daniel spent seven years as a partner and Director of Institutional Sales at Wellington West until its sale to National Bank Financial in 2011.

  • Jeff Morneau

    VP Mechanical, VCI Controls Inc.

    Mr. Morneau is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of mechanical solutions and services experience. He is responsible for all mechanical P&L for VCI Controls. Mr. Morneau is well versed and experienced in the full range of HVAC/R and rooftop unit equipment and services in the Industrial Commercial Institutional and multi-residential markets.

  • Pierre Craig

    VP BAS VCI Controls Inc.

    Mr. Craig leads the Building Automation Systems (“BAS”) division for VCI Controls Inc. He is an industry leader in BAS in Canada. As a long serving employee of VCI Controls, Mr. Craig has positioned and sustained VCI’s in-house Controller-technology as the control solution for Federal Government and additional institutional facilities.

  • David Berry


    David Berry (BSc, MBA, CFA) began his career as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young from 1993-1995 prior to joining Scotia Capital where he became one of the most successful traders in Canadian history. Starting off in Scotia's Research Department, David transitioned to the Sales and Trading team where, until 2005, he carried Scotia's entire proprietary preferred share book. During this period, Mr. Berry cemented his reputation while setting unprecedented records for the growth of Scotia's proprietary trading market share (going from virtual obscurity upon his arrival to over 65% of the market by 2005) while accounting for over 40 percent of the P&L of the entire institutional equity department which resulted in excess of $75 million in annual profits and his becoming the highest paid employee at Scotia (and the highest paid trader in Canada).

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