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Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. dedicated to securing multiple producing medical marijuana facilities in Canada and applying for several MMPR commercial production licences.

South Okanagan Producing Facility

About The Facility

The Vendor currently owns its own facility in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. The Vendor has cost effectively facilitated Personal-use Production License holders production of monthly crops of approximately 16,000 grams/month of medical marihuana in full compliance with all regulatory authorities. In the application for the MMPR, the company has applied for a significantly larger amount for commercial production.

The medical marijuana currently produced by private license holders requires a strictly controlled and augmented growing environment to consistently reach optimal plant characteristics in 90 days. The Vendor has designed and constructed 3 indoor purpose specific greenhouses, each of which are planted monthly, and harvested at 90 days.

Each greenhouse is fully climate controlled, with all key growing elements monitored and computer controlled to ensure consistent production. There are production elements, which require brief manual monitoring and intervention on a daily basis, but all key environmental functions are electronically controlled. The details of the process are highly commercially sensitive and valuable, and will not be disclosed until a full sale transaction is concluded.

The facility has been built to be fully compliant with all relevant building and safety requirements. All electrical, plumbing, security, and related plant and equipment are built to full commercial standards.

The facility has received and replied to the Department of Health Canada on its Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations Licence (MMPR) application, who required additional information on:

  • External and internal security measures

  • Updated site survey and aerial photographs

  • Further information on principal and proposed technical employees

  • Details on record keeping and information handling procedures

The Vendor has engaged external consultants and specialists to assist in the application process who have been able to respond and provide the requested documentation in a timely manner. While the Vendor is confident that their prior experience and expertise in the industry and the high commercial standards of the production facility will enable full compliance with Department of Health requirements for a full commercial MMPR license, there is no guarantee a MMPR license will be granted.

Management of Supreme and its operating subsidiary recently met with government officials, including the fire chief, local politicians, and community stakeholders in the township where its Southern Ontario green house facility (Facility 2) is located. The Company does not foresee any concerns in this area as construction progresses such that it may eventually receive final receipt of the MMPR license.

Southern Ontario

The facility is located approximately 100 miles outside of Toronto. This facility is where production will commence after installation of the required security measures and subsequent receipt of final MMPR approval. The Company has started the process of upgrading the property. The facility is located in a specially created high energy use industrial park. It is located next to an unlimited supply of electricity at a very competitive rate, has year round road access and is conveniently located in respect to shipping logistics. It appears that all local use permits are in place such that production can commence immediately upon receipt of the final MMPR license.

Gupta: 'I am doubling down' on medical marijuana

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Cheif Medical Correspondent. We have no affiliation with this well known medical expert, but his latest "Doubling Down" on the medical marijuana sector is worthy of your attention. Reasons such as these convince us we are doing the right thing in entering this market.

Medical marijuana and 'the entourage effect'

12 Month Stock Chart

almost 13 years ago
Supreme Discusses Progress of 342K sqf. Medical Marijuana Production Facility

Supreme Discusses Progress of 342K sqf. Medical Marijuana Production Facility

  • Significant progress made at its 342,000 square foot greenhouse facility located in Kincardine, Ontario

  • Moving quickly to implement its proposed plan to produce up to 24,000,000 grams of medical marijuana

  • Recently completed $1.7M financing

  • Received conditional pre-approval letter from Health Canada

Supreme is a Canadian-owned and operated company whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for their patients and clients by producing sun-grown medical marijuana of the highest standards, quality and value. The company's vision is a client-centered, environmentally-friendly and affordable medical marijuana marketplace sustained by the marriage of commercial agriculture and traditional growing.

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Newnote Financial Acquires 100% Interest in Revenue Generating Bitcoin Exchange, CoinZero Point-of-Sale System and ATM Machines in London & Tokyo Highlights:

  • Canada’s fastest growing Bitcoin exchange

  • Processing more than CDN $1,500,000 per month in transactions

  • 10,000 active users with a signup rate of over 1000 new users per month

  • Key strategic partners and business relationships in place

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  • Discover The Company George Is Calling "The Future Of Farming"

  • 100 X The Yield Of Traditional Farms

  • 95% Less Water

  • Production Commenced June 2014

  • Tier-1 Customers Already Acquired

  • CEO Now Meeting With Drought Stricken California Mega Farmers To Discuss Opportunities

"This Is A Must Watch Video For Any Small Cap Investor. Grab A Coffee, Sit Back And Watch The Next 8 Minutes"

Urban Barns Foods Takes Cubic Farming to Drought Stricken California


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Avalon Rare Metals Inaugural Q&A - May 21, 2015

  • Diversified exposure to a broad range of rare metals and minerals (including tin) that are critical raw materials for clean technology

  • Nechalacho Project, with a completed feasibility study, an approved Environmental Assessment and a rare earth oxide refining solution in place, is uniquely positioned to bring a new supply of the scarce, yet vital heavy rare earths to the market

  • East Kemptville Tin-Indium Project was re-activated in 2014 and is advancing steadily with a new NI 43-101 resource estimate and a conceptual re-development study completed Feb 2015

  • Separation Rapids Lithium Minerals (Petalite) Project is advancing due to new demand from the glass-ceramics industry for the petalite product and for its potential to produce high purity lithium chemicals for the growing rechargeable battery market

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