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My range of experience leading large, established, automotive organizations combined with innate ability to target new opportunities in the technology sector to create one of Canada’s newest technology companies. My career highlights include achievements as CEO for GE Capital Fleet Services in Europe, Senior Vice-President, Financial Services, for the Penske Automotive Group and CEO of Xpel Technologies (TSX: DAP.U). I am well-known for work in mergers and acquisitions and has leveraged those skills to assemble a diverse team to solve a pervasive problem for online classified ad sites while bringing a safer, better way for consumers to connect confidently. I am Six Sigma certified under the quality initiative of legendary GE chairman Jack Welch, further enriching his business acumen and desire to simply get things done right.

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Thank you for your support!

I want to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders and followers for your support, especially right now with market volatility.

I have received countless positive messages that remind me of how important our work is, how much it matters, yet how much more we have to do.  

Our strategy and path is so clear for our company and with a solid balance sheet, market liquidity and tremendous access to capital in the future, I remain extremely confident. I am laser focused and am making sure we surround ourselves with the best talent available, those who are as committed to our long-term success as I am.

Warmest regards, Steve.




over 1 year ago
Re: CBDT is solid!

Mike, that was extremely disappointing for sure.  The matter is being addressed.  

over 1 year ago
CBDT is solid!

It's been an usual week in broader markets and it's hard to understand what's going on with CBDT this week.

What I can say is the company is on solid ground, operations are performing, our balance sheet is the best it's ever been.

We are focused and are building an integrated healthcare company that will last, cares about patients, uses science and R&D to create products, to make advancements. 

We are working on countless opportunities and with strong shareholder support I am confident in our plan and our path forward.



over 1 year ago
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