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1200 LB/556KG titanium wire Bill of Lading

Hi Peter,

I saw some chatter about PUBLIC bill of lading records, regaridng Pyrogenesis's importation of 1200 LB/556KG titanium wire through US port.

I was wondering if you could comment, add background, or add vital information !!

Thank you, YG1.

11 months ago

Peter, please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. 

about 1 year ago
Re: #4 for Peter

Hey! I can't answer your questions, but I was just wondering if you are the same Sally as SALLY on Yahoo Finance that has been posting about how they got their father and children to invest, and they lost money, and that you are a hard-working secretary. (Sorry if I got those details wrong, and no offense to secretaries, it's a great career.).

Was wondering if you are this same person. I remember reading a response awhile back about how Peter was sorry that a basher had lost money and turned to bashing.

It seems that Sally has divested all his/her/their stock, and is now on a stream of bashing commited to "exposing the truth to current investors" (paraphrased based on user activity).

I assumed you are the same Sally based on overlap between here and there, but If you aren't that Sally fair enough. If you are, and don't own stock, I am curious why you register today and ask these questions as a non-shareholder. Maybe you want to potentially invest/re-invest and are trying to clear the air?

Just wondering, no drama!

about 1 year ago
Swag For Good Promotional Video Request.

Dear Mr. Pascali,

The SWAG for GOOD is looking lit. 

July 14th you say? You'll be torching my wallet soon. I'm going to have to grab a bunch of this stuff for loungewear/gymwear. I hope my fellow shareholders will also buy some SWAG... I'm ALL FIRED UP BABY..

I'll douse the excitement for one second to ask a rather serious question...

Is there any chance on whatever platform that will be selling the SWAG..... that there will be a promotional-instructional youtube-like video of you wearing that BBQ Apron and torching Sh.... Shorts... Shorts Spare ribs? Show us how to make the most of the BBQ set and torch up... short ribs?

Any chance that could become a potential reality? Would love to see the real deal torching up some meat on the BBQ Grill.



(not to be confused with OlderGuy1, my nemesis)

about 1 year ago
Re: VIDEO: PyroGenesis Swag Drops July 14th!



I want them all!!! :L :L

about 1 year ago
Are you excited for the AGM tomorrow?

Hello Peter, I remember once you mentioned that while people are excited, it's hard for them to be as excited as you are just because of how things work CEO knowledge vs. Shareholder knowledge. Sorry if that's a miquote, but I remember something along that being mentioned in one of the videos this year.

Stockholders that post on social media seem to be excited for the AGM!

I am wondering.... are you excited for the AGM tomorrow?

If so.... how excited?

Also- Should we expect the "PYR SWAG for good" coming soon?



about 1 year ago
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