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Crookedneck, I just received your message today. I don't see it on the regular message board. Was it deleted? (It came to me directly as an email). I'm currently under a rock next to Alton. Note: Separate rock,separate sleeping bags! Anticipating the next report which has had the date extended. "Hope springs eternal", Bill of the Board.  

over 4 years ago

Not that the Muslim holiday will necessarily have any bearing on our project ,since the MOT (Minister of Tourism) has already done his part and signed whatever he needed to sign (it feels like that was ten or twelve years ago) but I thought I would point out the fact that Ramadan is just three months from now. Get ready to parteee, Bill of the Board.  

over 4 years ago
UP .06

We're up six glorious cents already this morning. Could these bold investors be Patriot or Eagles fans?  Bill of the Board.

over 4 years ago
Re: 8k

GI, most of us "feel your pain". We've "Been there done that"! On a hopeful note I've been to "Pearl"......twice. I wasn't around on December 7th, 1941 but we've all seen pictures...and film clips ( beaucoup times) of the  destruction on that date "that will live in infamy". I am happy to report that Pearl Harbor has completely recovered and all that remains are several memorials to that day.....the most touching being the USS Arizona.My point is that yes, we lost that battle, but less than four years later (9/2/1945...V J Day)  we ended the war....victoriously. Let us hope that our Pearl Harbor day is now behinnd us (the necessitly for us to invoke the feared YA to keep our Arizona afloat) and that the re-building will commence."Hope springs eternal", Bill of the Board.  

over 4 years ago

Oil (black gold) just topped $70.00/barrel. There are several reasons for the recent spike in price (the highest price in three years) which I won't debate here. Since much of the economic weakness in the Middle East in the last several years,has been attributed to the falling oil prices, perhaps the  new found strength in these same markets, and the resultant infusion of revenue will serve to "right that ship". Hope springs eternal,Bill of the Board.

over 4 years ago
Re: Happy New Year

HEY DOCTOR "B",welcome back.It's been almost a year since you visited us last. Truth be told,you didn't miss much. In fact during your hiatus, "we" had to sell some shares of stock to keep the "ship afloat" which took its toll on the price/share. Just think, if you picked up a "boatload" (I'm being very nautical today) of shares at 4 cents, you could have more than tripled your investment......but then again "If wishes were horses,then beggars would ride". Your fellow countryman Stocker, has been doing his darndest to call management on the carpet whenever things go askew....or when  we don't hit those dates as given in the company reports (Come to think of it, the Stockmeister has posted much more frequently than in years past years ?).I did speak to Charley  a few days ago and he remains optimistic (note: I did not use the word "cautiously" there) that there will be financing soon.I did tell him that "soon" is a relative term and if I am any good at reading people, Charlie (The K not The Tuna) soon meant SOON..... not imminent mind you, but SOON. May you have a happy New Year (remember,Stockmeister and you get to the new year before those of us in the states and the Omani's get there before the bunch of us, Bill of the Board.  P.S Breaking News..I just read that The ninth Omani Honey Market began today at the Muscat Grand Mall and  we must never forget that The RCA (Royal Court of Affairs...not Radio Corp.of America) won the gold metal (what color did you expect for a  honey contest) in October at the big honey contest in Istanbul Turkey. What better reasons could there be for investors to get involved in our Omagine project?

over 4 years ago
Holland, Pa.
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Company has signed a Development Agreement with the Government of the Sultanate of Oman. Omagine Owns 75% and Sultanate Owns 25%. Project to be developed on 245 acres of beach front land on Gulf of Oman. The estimated cost approximately $2.5 Billion.